Legacies Make a Lasting Difference

Susan McLeish of Lexington and Suzanne

Susan McLeish of Lexington and Suzanne "Suzy" Lewis of Belmont have a lot in common. Both work in finance and both are generous donors and dedicated volunteers of The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). They share a passionate belief in providing "basic needs" – like food and shelter – to those who can’t afford them.

"Someone may need a job or an affordable place to live," said Suzy. "But if they are hungry, what they need most is food. Hunger is the first problem to solve."

Susan and Suzy met last year at GBFB’s free mobile market in Somerville, where they volunteer monthly helping distribute food to those in need.

"Over the years, I’ve regularly donated money and sorted food for distribution at GBFB’s food warehouse," said Susan. "But volunteering at the mobile market allows me to engage face-to-face with the people I’m trying to help. That is a powerful, emotional experience because they are so grateful."

"The mobile market is exceptionally well-organized and efficient," said Suzy. "What I love most is that we’re distributing so many fresh vegetables and fruits. GBFB has taught me a lot about the importance of providing healthier foods, and helped me become a better informed and more engaged volunteer."

In addition to giving generously to GBFB regularly, Susan and Suzy are members of our Legacy Society, which honors donors who have committed to making a lasting difference for GBFB through a bequest in their will. As business people, they know the critical importance of planning for the future.

"It was so easy to name GBFB to receive a legacy from my estate," Susan said. "It continues my commitment to ending hunger long after I’m gone." "I wish we could solve the problem of hunger today," Suzy said. "But, I believe someday we can, and my bequest will help make that a reality."